Mess Free Painting

Happy Friday Families!

Here is a "Mess-Free Painting"🎨 from Ms. Lalli and EJ.

Although it is important for children to feel the texture of finger paint, we don't always have enough time for the clean up that follows. This activity allows your little one to experiment mixing colors and have artistic freedom without the dreaded phrase "What a mess!" 😩

- Paper
- Paints
- Large zip-top bag

1. Pour small globs of paint throughout the paper, leaving space between colors to allow room for the paint to spread out. We chose to use all six colors but your child can pick and choose their favorites. Use this opportunity to make predictions of what new colors each combination will create.

2. Slide the paper into a zip-top bag being careful not to smear the paint as you place it inside. Try to remove most of the air as you seal the bag.

3. No need to roll up your sleeves! Allow your child to squish the paint- fingers work best but using other tools like a wooden spoon or spatula, rolling pin, toy car wheels, etc. are fun ways to experiment spreading the paint.

4. Revisit your predictions and talk about what new colors have been created. Once the paint is spread out, it can also work as a "doodle board." (Here EJ wrote his name, but he also had drawn shapes, practiced making straight lines, zigzags, etc).

5. When the masterpiece is complete, open the bag and carefully take the paper out to let dry.

We miss you all very much, enjoy!
-The Teachers of CPC Preschool



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