Happy Friday Families!

Project "Feed the Birds" 🐦

 Now that spring is here, we begin to see more wildlife around us. To bring birds and other critters closer to view, let's make a bird feeder!

1. Choose a container- something that you will be able to cut through easily enough with scissors. Items like milk jugs, two liter bottles, juice cartons, etc. will work well. (This is an opportunity to discuss recycling- making new items out of used materials). We decided to recycle an empty Goldfish cracker carton for our bird feeder.


2. Cut windows around the container, leaving about two inches at the bottom where the feed will go. Cut holes large enough for birds to sit on the edge. I cut flaps at the bottom of each window so that the bird had a place to perch while pecking seeds.

3. Decorate! Use whatever art supplies you have around the house: markers, paint, crayon, stickers, etc. My son and I used crape paper streamers and glue- EJ ripped the pieces of paper while I glued them around the outside of the carton. Let dry for 24 hours.

4. Punch a small hole in the top of the container to attach a string for hanging it outside.

5. Let your little one fill up the container with birdseed. We talked about measuring and counting each scoop as he filled up the bird feeder. Also described and compared the different shapes, colors and sizes of the bird seeds. EJ grabbed his magnifying glass to get a closer look at the tiny seeds!

6. Find a place outside- a tree limb, bush, front porch, plant hanger. Choose a location that is easily seen from inside the house to enjoy in comfort. Happy bird watching!  Check out this Black-Capped Chickadee who visited our birdfeeder.


Ms. Lalli (and EJ 😊)

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