An Apology


The other day, I went looking for an apology card. You know, one of those cards you send people after you have done something dumb or thoughtless: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me, etc”.


I couldn’t find one. I looked in two different stores. I even went into the Hallmark store thinking they would surely have one. But, I searched the aisle for 20 minutes and couldn’t find a one. “What, nobody sends apology cards anymore?” “What, am I the only person who does dumb things?” “Have I bought them all out over the years?”


“Sorry, we sold our last apology card in the summer, 2008. We had tons of them, but this one guy kept buying them faster than we could make them. We should have more by the new year.”


Now, there may have been some apology cards at the Hallmark store, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask the person behind the register, “Hi, excuse me. Could you tell me where the apology cards are kept?” What implicit message does that automatically send! I could just hear her thinking to herself, “I wonder what dumb thing this guy did that he has to buy a card to make up for it.”


I mean if I was searching for a congratulations on your new baby, or your wedding or Bar Mitzah card, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help. She would think I am nice person for buying this card. But, asking for the apology cards was different. I have ridden all over the country on my motorcycle and occasionally I have had to ask directions, but I would rather face the embarrassment of being obviously lost than the embarrassment of being publically wrong.


So, I settled for a Happy Halloween card and wrote my apology inside of it. There is a scary thought.


Not easy to say, “I’m sorry.” Tough to do it publicly.

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