Being Christian

Francis Spufford

Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense

There was a time when being Christian was very much part of the culture; it was our “default state.” But, that is no longer true. No Christians are the odds ones out. Since we are not the ones recognized as being among the status quo, our place of importance and self-importance has been taken away. As painful as that reality has become the last several decades, according to Spufford, there is a benefit.

“This way the strangeness of Christianity can be visible again….we can pick out more clearly the counter-cultural call” it makes to be a Christian.  We are no longer an essential step in the ladder of success – get a new job, buy a suit, sign up for the Rotary and join a church.

The beauty of Christianity nowadays (and it is a beautiful), is that it takes a conscious choice to become a Christian. The people who makes it to Sunday on any particular day are not there because it is cool, or because it is expected or because all your friends and family go (although sometimes we find our family and friends in the church). They are there because they saw something truthful in the way Jesus lived his life. And, regardless of what you may think of the foibles of your local congregation, there really is no better place to become a Christian than in midst of a gathering of people trying their best to live as their namesake has asked.

In Christ,


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