Digesting Scripture

Digesting the Scriptures

Jesus told us we do not live by bread alone, we need something more. As much as our bodies need food, our souls need spiritual sustenance. Macrina Wiederkehr in her wonderful book, A Tree Full of Angels, reminds us of how we can slowly but surely get our fill of what we need:

"Nutritionists tell us that to get full benefit from the food we eat, we should chew slowly. In other words, eat contemplatively. The same is true of the food of the Scriptures. To be fully nourished by the richness hidden in these words, you must hover over them slowly and reverently as one who is certain of finding a treasure. Your search for the treasure, though, is not a desperate, hurried, frantic search. Rather, you search calmly and with assurance. You will find treasure. You will be fed. You will be transformed." - Macrina Wiederkehr

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