Do You Believe in Jesus?

"Do you believe in Jesus?"

This is not an uncommon question. I have heard it from the Mormon boys in their white shirts standing at my door. I have heard it the airport from a complete stranger. I have heard it in church - not too surprsing there. But, what does it mean to believe in Jesus?

Does it mean I believe he was a real person? Some people question his historicity. Does is mean I believe that everything said about him in the Bible is true, factual, with no personal bent from the author who tells me? Sometimes when people ask about believing in Jesus, it is their way of asking if we believe the Bible is inerrant, with no mistakes or contradictions. When asked if we believe in Jesus, maybe we are being asked if we believe in the Resurrection or whether or not Jesus was Divine and if he was Divine - just how was he?

All of these are good questions to discuss, but I am not sure they really get to the point.

I believe that what matters is whether or not we trust Jesus. Do we turn to him when it comes to making decisions in our lives? Do we rely on Jesus - both the person and his words - when it comes to the things that matter.

The question of belief in Jesus is more about trusting in Jesus, at least for me.

I believe Jesus was real and the Resurrection happened, but beyond that, the Bible is not perfect and a middle schooler can spot the contradictions. 

The author Martin Rowan said something like this: To say that we believe in Jesus is to say we have confidence in Jesus above all things. Jesus is where we belong and to whom we belong. To have faith in Jesus doesn't simply mean an assent to the things Jesus he formerly said. Faith is to trust in Jesus' call (now) to try one more time even if it is contrary to common reason.

Believe in Jesus this way and something good will happen.

Together in Christ,


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