Frances Collins - III

Christian Aplogetics - Presenting arguments or sharing knowledge which supports the logical acceptance of the "truth" of Christian faith. Many of these apologists are deeply wise. Francis Collins is one example. 


Francis Collins (1950 - ) - Part III

Francis Collins (1950 - ) is an American physicist who lead the Human Genome Project. He is currently the Director of the Nation Institutes of Health. For the first part of his adult life as a scientist, he was an atheist. He could not accept belief in God. However, the deeper he studied the material world the more he suspected a spiritual reality. His book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, advocates for a harmony between science and faith.

The Church itself can be as much evidence that religion and/or Christianity are not only a hoax, but an instrument of human ill-will, if not just evil. What good is a faith if those who practice it harm those whom they intend to help? Or, what kind of proof for God can we find in a community of believers who advocate for slavery or turn their backs on oppression? The truth is not just found in the believers but in the beauty of the message:


            The church is made up of fallen people. The pure, clean water of spiritual truth is placed in rusty containers, and the subsequent failings of the church down through the centuries should not be projected onto the faith itself, as if the water had been the problem. ..So, while the long history of religious oppression and hypocrisy is profoundly sobering, the earnest seeker must look beyond the behavior of flawed humans in order to find the truth. Would you condemn an oak tree because its timbers had been used to build battering rams? Would you blame the air for allowing lies to be transmitted through it? Would you judge Mozart’s The Magic Flute on the basis of a poorly rehearsed performance by fifth graders? If you had never seen a real sunset over the Pacific, would you allow a tourist brochure as a substitute? Would you evaluate the power of romantic love solely in the light of an abusive marriage next door?

            No. A real evaluation of the truth depends upon looking at the clean, pure water, not at the rusty containers. (The Language of God, 30-42)


Together in Christ,

Pastor Steve

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