Francis Collins Part II

Francis Collins (1950 - ) - Part II

Francis Collins (1950 - ) is an American physicist who lead the Human Genome Project. He is currently the Director of the Nation Institutes of Health. For the first part of his adult life as a scientist, he was an atheist. He could not accept belief in God. However, the deeper he studied the material world the more he suspected a spiritual reality. His book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, advocates for a harmony between science and faith.

Though Collins understands the working of human mind better than many of us (scientists included), he is nonetheless moved to believe there is something else operating in us which is both unexplained and yet very real:


At fifteen, I recall a Christmas Eve where the descant on a particularly beautiful Christmas carol, rising sweet and true above the more familiar tune left me with a sense of unexpected awe and a longing for something I could not name....And what is this sensation of longing for something greater then ourselves? Is this only, and no more than, some combination of neuro-transmitters landing on precisely the right receptors, setting off an electrical discharge deep in some part of the brain? Or is inkling of what lies beyond, a signpost placed deep with the human spirit pointing toward something much grander than ourselves? (The Language of God, 35-37)



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