Merry "Xmas"

“Merry Xmas”

It was December and I was riding in my car with a friend. He pointed to a billboard along the highway. The sign said something about Christmas with the word, “Xmas.”

With a despondent voice he said, “I wish they wouldn’t take Christ out of Christmas.”

I said, “I suppose some people may think of it that way, but the truth is that word is just a quiet way of saying Christmas.”

“How is that?” he asked.

“The first letter of the Greek word for Christ (Cpristoc -  Christos) is the Chi (C), so saying ‘Merry Xmas’ is really is saying ‘Merry Christmas.’ Maybe some people do not know that, but it’s true. Like Christmas itself, it is hidden. Jesus was born in a hidden cave out in the back of an unnoticed barn. Jesus silently comes into our lives …. even our language …. in ways which maybe only Christians can see. It is our job to show people….God is quietly making room in our world.

I hope as we prepare to welcome the Christ Child this Christmas Eve, God may send the X into our lives in ways we can welcome. Below is prose from John Killinger on the gifts of Christmas. This is my gift to you this season.

Together in Christ,

Pastor Steve

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