Spiritual Genius

A Spiritual Genius

In her book, Spiritual Genius, Winifred Gallagher makes an optimistic confession of faith. She says that within all of us, God has placed a “spiritual genius.” She doesn’t say we are all spiritual genius’s. She says we have this ability – all of us – a God-given source of strength and wisdom.

There is a passage of scripture that talks about a “peace that surpasses understanding” and we can rest in that. By God’s spirit, we have access to a strength that transcends our ability to comprehend or master the information about the circumstances that surround us. We have stories in the gospels about a ‘power’ that is asleep in our boat in the midst of the storm. That old line ‘Hope was asleep at the back of the boat’ is a funny reminder that we are provided in the Christian narrative a peace in the midst of the storm.

All of us use our spiritual genius some of the time. We might not recognize it as such, but we tap it whenever we “just know” that something is happening for a reason…Spiritual genius tells us that, despite the chaos and confusion around us, everything is all right, so we might as well be nice. It tells us that if we take on a worthwhile challenge, we’ll somehow find the necessary strength and help. It tells us that our true self is more than a bunch of personality traits and problems. Like a compass, spiritual genius always points us toward a reality larger than the ego and the status quo. Once we realize God wants to use us in the grand design, we’re able to gather up the pieces of our everyday lives, and make a coherent picture out of what can seem like an impossible puzzle.

Receive comfort today from knowing God has a use for you and if we tap into the Source, we will be able to do far more than we could ever hope or imagine. Let us do the work of God and do it in a nice way.

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